Biodynamic Massage For You

…bringing you back to yourself…


I like to envisage that we all have inside us a tiny flower or bud, which is our essence. Perhaps some might call it a soul, but to me it makes more sense to imagine it like a flower. We are all born with our own little bud, which is individual to each of us. Like no flower is the same, so we are also all different. This little flower inside can either be encouraged to flower and blossom, so that you become entirely and beautifully ‘you’; or it can be disregarded and ignored, put down and squashed, so that the little flower wilts, or even in some cases , never flowers at all. Sadly this can sometimes happen in childhood, where the little bud is not encouraged to flower; if a child is not encouraged to find his or her individuality and expression, or even damaged as a bud, in cases of abuse or neglect. But it can also happen in adulthood, for many reasons – bullying, shock, unresolved trauma, abuse, or just because someone’s individuality and creativity is never given room for expression.

Biodynamic massage is only one way that your little bud or emerging flower can be encouraged to blossom, but I believe it is a good way to start.

It is never too late.